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High Tech Aid is a consulting company specializing in AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection). Our goal is to provide you with the web site and the service that have the answers on education, training, and standards. If you are interested in RFID, bar code, magnetic stripe, smart card, biometrics, or other AIDC technology, if you need information about AIDC standards, then we may have the answer.

AIDCourier Newsletter

As part of our educational offerings we publish  a monthly newsletter containing news in the AIDC arena. The newsletter contains information on the month's news in RFID, bar code, biometrics, ID Cards, RTLS, wireless, healthcare and life sciences, privacy, homeland security, and an update on the standards world in RFID.

Published monthly (around the middle of the month, the AIDCourier is your one stop place to get the month's news.

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